Osteopathy: Health manifest by movement

Osteopathy assumes that structures such as bones, muscles and organs and their functions are mutually dependent. For example, spend our bones the body support, provide strength, and provide protection against compression or tensile loads.
Osteopathy: Health manifest by movement
Do the bones constantly a high load withstands form to an increased bone tissue. The increased functional demands a more in structure. Where the specific functions of a bone are no longer needed, he regresses. So degenerated as the jaw of a man who has lost his teeth and can no longer chew.

The same applies to all parts of the body: If the function increases, usually grows the tree. If the function of an organ is no longer needed, stunted its structure. Osteopathy uses this interaction: dysfunction appear usually in the form of impaired movements. In this case, the mobility of a joint to be restricted, the flow rhythm of body fluid or the stress state of an organ such as the liver.

By the osteopath the movements of the structure tested - for example, the mobility of the Never-re - he can determine an impaired function. With its manual techniques attempting to allow the original, motion again. Can move freely previously restricted kidney, so they can exercise their function is better.

Diseases from an osteopathic perspective
Osteopathy has its own understanding of becoming ill. A healthy body can compensate influences of any kind from the inside or the outside. Failure to achieve this balance, the impact leaves an impression. For Example, run the constant sitting at the computer to a shortening of the posterior leg muscles. The muscles will not harm, but it is disturbed in their function. This disorder is reflected in a too little movement. With his hands the osteopath can this limited ability to sense movement. The body tries to compensate for the impaired or even unusual feature. It compensates for the function, turning them from another structure to "borrow", such as a muscle. Characterized the latter is overloaded. Overall, the body's ability to exercise its functions decreases. This will limit his opportunities to ward off harmful influences.

Where the disease comes from the latest when a structure is damaged. The damage may be the result of persistent functional disturbance; such as when form in a dysfunctional kidney over time kidney stones. However, it can also occur on the compensating structure if it is unable to cope with her new job. Thus, the liver is secured, for example on hangers at the ribs and these in turn each of the vertebrae.

Now exercises the liver due to a dysfunction of excessive train, the eddy can take misalignments when they compensate for this train. Over time, this can lead to permanent deformity osteoarthritis. The disturbance of the liver itself, the osteopath does not cure, but it can help the structure to regain the restricted or unusual feature.

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