Reverse Skin Aging around Your Eyes

Reverse Skin Aging around Your EyesThe skin around your eyes is much more vulnerable than the rest of your facial skin. Therefore, you must treat it with care. So use a special eye cream or gel. That is because the skin here has a lower blood flow and weaker cell metabolism. Not surprisingly, the first signs of aging around the eyes can be seen.

Active substances
This can be avoided by using special anti wrinkle products for your eyes. These products enhance the collagen and elastin tissue. Collagen and elastin work as a kind of natural "support mattress" for the skin around your eyes. There are different anti wrinkle products of different brands. Each brand uses other active substances in its products. What works best for your skin; it is a matter of trying. Do not wait too long with an anti-wrinkle product. From the age of 25 years, the fragile skin around your eyes all that 'helping hands' use in the form of an eye cream.

Puffiness and dark circles are not age-related. Because they make you look less radiant, they - like wrinkles -. An aging effect emerges, as the lymphatic system that waste must be disposed not working properly. Only a plastic surgeon can help you. Are you not sure, if you suffer from moisture? Go flat on your back and hold a mirror above your face. Reduce puffiness while you are lying, then you suffer from damp walls. How does an eye cream? The active ingredients in the cream improve microcirculation 'around your eyes. They strengthen the blood vessels and neutralize wastes and their disposal.

Circles under your eyes
Circles occur if you suffer from a sluggish circulation. It stays in your blood capillaries 'stand' and subcutaneous visible as a blue or gray circle. In addition, to prevent circles, it is good to improve the microcirculation around the eyes. This can be done by an eye care. However, quite a distance hiking or biking helps at least as good. You give the skin around your eyes than an oxygen boost.

How to use an eye cream?
The skin around your eyes is very thin. Take care of applying creams or gels. Please use the following tips:
Always when applying a light patting motion.

Apply the eye cream to your inner corner to outer corner you. Thus, you ensure that the active substances in the cream are well transported around your eyes to the skin.

Never apply an eye cream or gel exactly under your lashes. The cream or gel can then crawl into your eyes and start to irritate them. Make sure you get the product to the bone rubs under your eyes. Here the cream or gel works best and does not irritate.

Do not use regular moisturizer around your eyes. The substances in this cream are in fact too active and can cause allergic reactions.

Use an eye cream of the same brand as your moisturizer. The active substances in both the creams complement each other than to.

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