Intestinal fungi: Symptoms and Prevention

The cause of the increase of fungal diseases doctors make, among other nutritional deficiencies such as too much sugar and white flour products responsible. However, debt is the frequent use of cortisone and antibiotics as well as the increase of environmental pollutants. All these factors weaken the immune system and thus favor the spread of the fungus. For example, if antibiotics have damaged the natural intestinal flora, Candida yeast can make wide because germs are missing important physiological than the opponent.
Intestinal fungi: Symptoms and PreventionPeople with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk of becoming infected with Candida. This mainly includes patients who are taking cortisone and antibiotics, people who received an organ transfer, cancer and AIDS patients and diabetics. Even old people whose defenses subside apply, as a risk group.

Yeasts occur in nature practically everywhere. They colonize the mucous membranes of humans and animals, stick to objects, and are located in the ground and in the water. Candida albicans is in contrast to other yeasts relies on the mucous membranes of warm-blooded animals and humans. The fungus is spread through direct physical contact from person to person. Healthy people cannot harm the yeast usually. In general, infect already weakened or diseased people.
On warm and moist places, the yeast sit particularly like to record. In the niches of the intestine, they find optimal living conditions. There it is warm and the food supply plentiful.
Intestinal fungi Symptoms

To detect an infection with yeasts in the gut is not easy. The symptoms are nonspecific and may have other causes. The chief complaint flatulence, abdominal distension is especially sweet after eating, diarrhea, and constipation alternating with each other often. In addition, food cravings, recurring vaginal fungus, itchy anus and alcohol intolerance and settled iron and zinc deficiency can indicate an infection. Sufferers report also repeatedly migraine, depression, liver disease, skin lesions, and joint pain.

The symptoms may be caused by Candida, but do not have it. Even a stool examination in a special laboratory are not always safe digestion because it always is a random sample and particularly like the fungi live in nests in the intestine.

Intestinal fungi: the best Prevention
The fungus is often initially combated with an anti-fungal agent such as nystatin. Then it is necessary to strengthen the weakened immune system - for example with the microbiological therapy. The patients received three to six months, specific, administered health-promoting intestinal bacteria and the body's own vaccine, known as autogenously vaccine. Activate the body's defenses and regulate it so important intestinal flora

As a hygienic measure, it is recommended to change the toothbrush every four weeks as an intestinal colonization with Candida often occurs along with an infection in the mouth. Braces and prostheses should always be thoroughly cleaned, because they can be a fungal reservoir as toothbrushes.

Anti-fungal diet
Indispensable also is a consistent anti-fungal diet of at least four to six weeks. It is true, the yeasts to withdraw their basic food. Sugar, sweets, white flour products, and alcohol are strictly avoided. In the first four weeks should be dispensed with sweet fruit.

In the foreground is a balanced diet with lots of salad, vegetables, and whole grains. The high-fiber diet will not only strengthen the immune system, but probably also exerts a mechanical cleaning effect by the fungus nests in the villi sweeps out by its fibrous structure and simultaneously stimulates the bowel movement. The high content of secondary plant substances with antimicrobial activity makes the whole-food diet is the ideal anti-fungal diet - which success is only endure if a consistent diet follows.

Prevention with whole-food diet
The whole-food diet is the best prevention of fungal infection. In the organism of a healthy nourished people, the yeast will not find the right soil. If there is already an infection, create targeted therapy and long-term changes in diet habits for healthy, natural foods as possible effective remedy.

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